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*New* Warrior Tools: 5 Tops Internet Marketing Tools + Mrr

Product picture *New* Warrior Tools: 5 Tops Internet Marketing Tools + Mrr

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*new* Warriour Tools: 5 Tops Internet Marketing Tools with Resale Rights

Who Else Wants Complete Access To Five Top-Notch Internet Marketing Tools That Are Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Profits - For a Measly 7 Bucks?

Great Internet Marketing Software Without The Ridiculous Price Tags - Its Time To Put Your Online Income On Overdrive!

Dear marketer,

Stop hunting for Internet marketing software - its a waste of your time!

The truth is, most so-called marketing software out there are nothing more than over-hyped, over-priced junk.

If youve spent a fortune collecting them, youll understand what I mean.

Internet marketing or SEO tools dont have to be expensive. In fact, on this page youll be able to instantly download five awesome tools that will change your life forever, and all you need to invest is a measly $7.

Thats about the same price youll pay to McDonalds or Burger King for 2,000 calories worth of unhealthy food :)

If that sounds expensive to you, then perhaps you need a J.O.B more than you need an Internet business right now.

Here are the five warrior pocket tools youll be able to download and use right away:

Pocket Tool #1 - Keyword Warrior

Keyword research is the most vital aspect of any website you plan to create. Target the right keywords, and youll making autopilot income for years to come. Get them wrong, and youre doomed right from the start!

Keyword research tools can cost you up to $297 and yet they give you nothing but the same old junk keywords everyone else already knows about. Forget those unless you consider wasting money a form of mental therapy..

Our Keyword Warrior tool does the same thing as 90% of keyword research software out there, plus more!

Keyword warrior

What This Amazing Software Does:

* Analyze the demand and supply of any niche market and saves you time required for the necessary research.
* Uncover hidden niche markets with a push of a button.
* Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines.
* Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN search engines.
* Churns out a huge list of profitable keywords you can use for ALL your internet marketing efforts
* Export your results to an excel sheet for deeper analysis.

Pocket Tool #2 - Blog Warrior

The second tool youre going to get today is something every blogger needs!

If you have an type of blog, then you probably know by now that leaving comments (and your link) on other blogs is a sure-fire way of getting tons of traffic.

The problem is trying to figure out exactly which blogs are worth your time. Generally speaking, only 20% of the blogs you regularly comment on contribute to more than 80% of your traffic..

Blog warrior

What This Amazing Software Does:
check Identifies Wordpress blogs with the nofollow tag in the comments field in ANY niche you choose
* Saves you time and effort from searching for blogs manually to leave comments on and building backlinks
* Shows you the Page Rank of each of the individual blog posts itself and home page of the blogs
* Displays the Alexa ranking of each blog (so you know whats the amount of traffic the blog receives)
* Tells you if you have left a comment previously on the blog so you can track your link building efforts with much ease.
* Allows you to save your findings and results for more effective tracking/analysis in the future.

Pocket Tool #3 - Affiliate Warrior

Stop flaunting your newbie status if youre trying to make money from promoting affiliate products - cover up your affiliate links!

Affiliate Warrior is a great tool you can use to create cloaked pages that hide the actual URL of the website, which loading and embedding your affiliate cookie in the background!

Affiliate warrior

What This Amazing Software Does:
* Protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from the nasty affiliate thieves
* Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others wont even notice its an affiliate link - and you’ll still be credited for your commissions!
* Bypass merchants’ squeeze pages and send your prospects directly to their sales pages or even your order page, which eliminates a step and increases your chances of making a sale
* Have the luxury of linking to even your own sale pages that youve created or other marketing materials in the event that your merchants sales pages are of inferior quality
* You can create either a simple cloak or an advanced cloak - skyrocket your affiliate commissions and elevate yourself to super affiliates status!

Man this is a great tool! Ive always been trying to create professional cloaked affiliate links and almost every other software out there costs an arm and leg.

With Affiliate Warrior I can do exactly what all the other top affiliates are doing, and Ive already seen my commissions double in the past week!

Suresh Menon
Banglore, India
Freaking awesome - thats all I can say.

I like the fact that this is so simple to use, even a noob like me can make it work :)

Roger Hampton
Mr Weight Loss

Pocket Tool #4 - Forum Warrior

Ok maybe youre not that into forum marketing - but thats probably because doing it without a proper tool will drive you nuts.

Forum Warrior is a neat tool that helps you save time and keep organized while switching between forums and building a huge amount of traffic to your website.

Forum warrior

What This Amazing Software Does:
* Stores all your forums login details so youll NEVER have to dig your brains and struggle to remember all of them
* Allows you to store preset forum postings and allows you to paste them easily onto each individual forum with just a few clicks of the mouse
* Saves a list of forums that are related to your niche so you can visit these forums with much convenience.
* Enables you to customize forum posts and helps you to organize them easily
* Speeds up your forum posting and saves you a great deal of time. (Hence, you get acknowledged as an expert in your niche MUCH faster!)

I would have been severely frustrated with forum marketing if not for this awesome tool you call Forum Warrior.

I love the fact that its an all-in-one forum organizer and posting system. Great work!

Sara Hallington
with love from UK

Pocket Tool #5 - Directory Warrior

Did I hear you say I need more links?

Directory submissions has always been, and will always be, a legitimate and low-cost method of getting valuable one-way links to your website.

The more you get, the more Google will love you and reward you with top 10 rankings.

However, just like forum marketing, submitting your website to tons of web directories can put a damper on your hope of making fast money online.

With Directory Warrior however, you can easily manage your submissions to more than 200 free (or paid) directories!

Directory warrior

What This Amazing Software Does:
* Contains over 200 directories that you can submit your sites to.
* The directory list is updated monthly (so all the dead links will be removed!)
* Automatically rotate multiple titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure your links seem natural and be able to rank for multiple keywords.
* Loads up to 10 browsers at the same time to speed up your submission process.
* Saves your previous work and records the sites that you have submitted to - youll never lose track of your campaigns!
* Add, edit and delete anything in the directory list.
* Unlimited user and site profiles perfect for anyone trying to build a niche empire online..
* Sort list according to Pagerank, Alexa rankings, alphabetical order, etc - save time by submitting only to directories worth your time..

Get Master Resell Rights + Giveaway Rights To These Software Worth $67 for FREE!

And to make this even more irresistible, Im going to give you the Master Resell Rights AND Giveaway Rights (Worth $67) to this software which allows you to be able to distribute it freely to your either your subscribers or your prospects.

You can do any of the following:

* Sell this complete software package (complete sales page included) for a low price and watch as the sales come pouring in to your Paypal account..
* Include it as a bonus for your own products and instantly increase the conversion rate (which mean you make more money)..
* Include it as a bonus on your membership site and give your customers a reason to stay even longer as paying members..
* Use it as a bait for One-Time Offers by allowing your visitors to download them for free, and then sell them something else as a one-time or backend offer..
* Give it away for FREE on your website as an ethical bribe to get people to subscribe to your mailing list..

Its completely up to you!

So dont hate yourself for missing out on this crazy opportunity!

This Incredible Offer Will Never Be Repeated

Its yours for Only $0.79!


Until next time!

Wish you all the Success from
Rosalinda Zamora

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